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Really enjoyed watching the Lenny recording.

And am a big fan of two way writeups.. albeit mine are not as advanced as yours.

One thing i was surprised works quite well for me is doing something that is a bit like a brainstorm without a meeting... by essentially using sort of a two way writeup. Have you tried something like that?

Example of what I do:

1. I create a Clickup task and title it something like "Brainstorm about XXX"

2. In the description i put some context and mention that i'd like each separate idea to have a separate comment thread

3. Then i add everyone who i want to participate as followers and set a due date in about a week.

4. I also often kick off a few of my own ideas as comment threads on the task.

5. Everyone starts creating their own idea threads and responding to others.

6. I close it off on the due date.

I've found inputs that i gather like this to often be of much higher quality than actual meetings because folks have all week to think about it and respond to it.

And of course some of the quieter folks are the ones most active.

Also.. using this format.. i might kick off 4-5 brainstorms in a single week.... so it also scales better time-wise.

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